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Make sure your fuel tank is completely filled, battery is in top working condition, wipers are in good nick and tyre pressure is at an optimum level.

Survey the route you are about to travel. Ask yourself, if your car is equipped to tackle the path.

If you go steady, you have a better chance of steering past uneven surfaces, dips and rocks.

Always, always seize the steering wheel with both hands. Off-roading trips need you to stay in control, at all times.

When you go off-roading, it is advisable to use your accelerator to slow down, instead of the brake. That way, your clutch won’t burn out fast.

Drive straight when going uphill or coming downhill. Driving at an angle, could lead to you sliding sideways.

When crossing a difficult trail, peep out of your front window at regular intervals to ensure that the front wheels are straight.

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